315 S. Cedar Crest Blvd, Allentown PA 18103
BOX OFFICE: 610-433-2333
Ticket information:
How do I order tickets?
You may order tickets by calling our box-office, using our online ticket portal (there is a non-refundable $3.00 per ticket fee for ordering online), or stopping by our theatre during box-office hours. Please visit our Ticket Information page for our box-office hours.
Do I need reservations?
While you don't need reservations, we do strongly recommend you make reservations as soon as you know when you'd like to attend our theatre. We do tend to sell out, especially on weekends and during the Christmas season.
Will you mail me my tickets?
We normally don't mail tickets, unless you REALLY want something in your hand when you come to the theatre. Unlike a traditional theatre, we don't print an individual paper ticket for each seat. We use your name as your confirmation, so as long as you know who you are, you're all set for the show. If you've already purchased your tickets before your visit, just head into the theatre, and we'll take care of the rest!
How do I get food with my ticket?
While food is not included in your ticket price, we offer a la carte food service before every performance. When you arrive before the show, you'll simply order from our varied menu. At the conclusion of your visit, you'll be presented a guest check for any items ordered from our menu. Food service is available until the show starts. Since our menu does change for each production, visit our Upcoming Productions page to find out what we're serving during your visit. Please note that all split checks are subject to a 30% gratuity automatically added to each check.
Can I request specific seats?
Sure! If you are making your reservation by phone, just let us know your seating preference, and we'll do our best to accomodate you!
Are you handicapped accessible?
Our lobby, restrooms, and select theatre seats are fully accessible. If you require special seating because of a wheelchair, walker, or other special need, just let us know at the time of your reservation.
I really like your theatre. Do you offer a discount if I buy tickets for lots of shows?
You bet we do! We offer season ticket packages that include every show of the season. Perks include the ability to book your seats before they go on sale to the general public, a free fountain soda with every visit, and discounted tickets for all your friends!
I have tickets for an upcoming show, but it's supposed to snow. What do I do?
First of all don't panic. If it actually snows (or ices, or sleets, or any combination of those) we'll gladly reschedule you for another performance. But please, wait until it actually starts doing something before calling us to reschedule. We always want to wait until it's actually making a mess outside before rescheduling you, because let's face it, the weatherman is NOT always right! We normally will not cancel a show because of weather; if we do, we'll notify our individual ticket holders as soon as we make that decision. View our official winter weather policy here!
Food and beverage information:
When should I arrive for dinner?
For most of our shows, dinner is served at 12:30 p.m. for our matinees and 6:30 p.m. for our evening shows, although our murder mystery show does have different start times! You can always confirm dinner and show times by reaching out to our box-office or visiting our Upcoming Productions page. Our lobby opens 30 minutes before dinner. While you may gladly get to the theatre early, remember that our dinner and production is the star of the evening, so you won't be doing much before dinner except waiting to sit down!
How does your food work? Is it a buffet?
We serve exactly like a restaurant! When you arrive, youíll order from our varied menu. Our chef and culinary staff will prepare your food fresh, and our attentive staff will serve your food and beverages. Our kitchen is open until the show starts, so youíll have plenty of time to enjoy your meal before show time! Since our menu does change for each production, visit our Upcoming Productions page to find out what we're serving during your visit.
We're celebrating a birthday/anniversary/graduation, etc. Can I bring my own cake?
No, you can't. But, we do have celebration packages and cakes available to add to your reservation if you are celebrating. Please order of these packages at the time of your reservation.
Do you serve alcohol?
We donít, but you are welcome to bring your own bottle to enjoy during dinner.
I have a food allergy. Can I eat the dinner?
Absolutely! We ask that you discuss your needs with our box-office staff when you make your reservations, but not less than 48 hours prior to your visit. We will do our best to accomodate your needs, however, "cross-contamination" of ingredients is always possible in a commercial kitchen and we are unable to guarantee that any menu item is completely allergin-free.
Random information:
What is included with my ticket price?
Your ticket price includes your reserved seat for the show. Not included in your ticket price is gratuity for your server, food and beverages, and online ticketing fees.
What is your dress code?
We always say "casual." While we don't recommend ripped jeans and tee-shirts (no matter what the "cool" trend is of the moment), we want you to be comfortable at our theatre. Who can have a good time if you have to worry about how you are dressed? However, if you want to come in a ball gown or a tux, we don't mind one bit!
Where can I park my car?
We have a really big parking lot directly in front of our building.
I want to audition for a show. How does that work?
We cast our shows from around the country, usually at auditions in New York City. We also cast local professional actors along with up and coming actors training to work in the business. All of our performers are professionals, most have earned a degree in theatre or musical theatre performance. You can find more information about working for the Pines Dinner Theatre at our Audition Information page.
How can I request a donation for my organization?
To request a donation please submit a formal letter of request on company or organization letterheard to us. Requests must be mailed to us (we will not accept donation requests emailed to us or sent to us on our Facebook page) and include the name and date of the event and a contact name/address to be considered. Please note that although we would be happy to contribute to every cause, not all requests will be granted and are awarded at the discretion of the Pines Dinner Theatre Management.
Can I have a private party at your theatre?
Sure! There are a few options, including booking the theatre for one of our regularly scheduled performances, booking the theatre for a private performance, or booking the theatre for a private party or event, such as a rehearsal dinner or reception. Visit our Catering and Private Functions page for more information about private parties. To book any event, just call our box-office. We'll take care of the rest!
How much time should I plan for my visit?
Expect for your entire visit to be approximately three hours from entering our theatre to the end of the show. Dinner lasts an hour with dessert service taking place during intermission, and the show is normally two hours long.
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